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Mind and Motion: An Interactive Redshift, C4D, and Mental Health Workshop for Beginners (Basic Tier)

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Last updated Mar 22nd, 2024

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Introduction to Redshift: The Basics

The goal of this course is to get you comfortable and familiar with the Redshift render engine, its layout and workflow tips and tricks.

This is for beginners and people curious about the Redshift engine to get you acquainted with the software, its strengths and how to incorporate it into your workflow.


The Ultimate Redshift Masterclass

Learn Redshift materials creation in the shader graph and the node editor, lighting setups, camera settings, and Render settings in depth!

Join me, Derek Kirk as I help you unlock the power of Redshift. Learn how to set up, save and optimize your Render settings for your machine so when it comes to render time it’s as simple as clicking Render. Simplify your workflow for fast clean renders with little to no troubleshooting. 

Speed is great, but lighting is what can take your render to the next level! Often overlooked, but so important in creating your look. Learn every RS light and when and how to use them! 

Also learn how to create and control cameras in C4D and Redshift, create stunning push pulls, or cinematic depth of field (bokeh). 

The tools Redshift has are many, but they can be confusing. This course helps you put all the puzzle pieces in place so you can harness the power and tools that Redshift provides. Take your renders to the next level! 

Learn how to build amazing materials and shaders with ease and control every detail with redshift’s amazing material creation system in both the shader graph and the node editor.

This course gives you all the knowledge and skills you need to truly master Redshift and get your work out there!


Motion Tracking with Cinema 4D R20 for Beginners

Learn everything you need to know to get started motion tracking.

Learn how to film with the proper settings for the best tracking results.

Use C4D’s Motion Tracker to track your footage. Add 3D objects into your video footage.

Learn how to render with Physical or Redshift.

Then learn how to composite using Adobe After Effects.

Step by step.

Really good tutorial for an introduction to Redshift. I’ve not been doing 3D long and Derek really takes an exceptionally daunting bit of software and gives you a well grounded gentle introduction to it.

– Ed T.

Very helpful getting started in RS.

– Wendy S.

I loved the class! I’ve been looking for a class that focuses on Redshift and your classes are the best! Thanks so much

– Anna K.

Derek Kirk has been very helpful instructor. You put your doubt he will clarify your doubt. I have been asking him doubt about redshift & he has always helped me. Take his class I’m sure you all will not regret.

-Ajay V.

Great classes! I’ve learned so much more compared to my school’s classes (The don’t want to overwhelm me…) You saved my time on final project work! Thank you!

– Sergiy Z.

This was an amazing tutorial, thank you so much! lots to learn here.

– Douglas C.

Such a comprehensive tutorial. Great job mate!

– Robin S.

Great tutorial bro, exactly what I find to know about tracking in c4d! 

– George F.